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When Payouts Are Done Sep 18, 2009

When you reach at least $0.25 you are alowed to cashout. It is $1.01 for Alertpay. Payouts are done on Friday of every week so if you want to get paid on time, You have to request on time!

New Cheat Cheat Check Questions and Answers Jun 17, 2009

What is the name of this site? Answer: Cashherder.com
How many days in a week? Answer: 7
How many months in a year? Answer: 12
How many letters are there in the english alphabet? Answer: 26
How many years are there in a leap year? Answer: 4
What does the acronym PTC stand for? Answer: Paid To Click
The Answers to these Questions are located Where? Answer: The Forum and News Section

CashHerder Jun 05, 2009

In addition to our forum cashherder has launched has launched its own blog.
This blog will relate information of any possible downtimes that site may experience or any problems that needs to be fixed to the members. So for now the blog has the benefits of becoming a member and an advertiser. Here is the link to the blog: Blog

Cashherder Cheat Check Questions Jun 05, 2009

What month does Santa pay you a visit? (Hint December)
Where can I find answers to these questions? (Hint In Forum)
What is a baby dog called? (Hint puppy)
Pick the country (Hint Iraq)
Choose the planet. (Hint Jupiter)
Choose the country.(Hint Mexico)
Choose the month. (Hint March)
The earth is (Hint Round)

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